Bubba Burger


Nominate your tournament to receive free burgers for your concession stand!

BUBBA burger, the official Family Fun Burger of US Youth Soccer, is here to support select youth school tournaments this year by providing free burgers to sanctioned soccer tournaments and events.

By completing the form below you can nominate your US Youth Soccer-sanctioned tournament to be eligible to receive a BUBBA burger Tournament Burger Bundle, which will help your tournament offset expenses and deliver a great tasting burger to you fans attending your event.

The BUBBA burger Tournament Burger Bundle includes:

  • Vouchers for 15 free boxes of BUBBA burgers (90 total burgers)
  • One BUBBA burger chef’s apron
  • 2 BUBBA burger hats
  • 1 sign to be displayed in your concession / grilling area

Questions? Please email us at soccer@ae-engine.com

To nominate your tournament now, please complete the form below.

Winners of BUBBA Burger Bundle:

  • Club: Farmington Soccer Club
    State: Connecticut
  • Club: Millennium Soccer Kids
    State: Texas
  • Club: Reynoldsburg Alliance Soccer Club
    State: Ohio
  • Club: Saint Louis Youth Soccer Association
    State: Missouri
  • Club: Michigan State Youth Soccer Association
    State: Michigan
  • Club: Vail Valley Soccer Club
    State: Colorado
  • Club: Crystal Lake Soccer Association
    State: Illinois
  • Club: West Florida Flames
    State: Florida
  • Club: Herndon Hurricanes Black
    State: Virginia
  • Club: Lebanon Junior Soccer Club
    State: Connecticut
  • Club: West Florida Flames
    State: Florida