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SRPL | Club Pass Instructions

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Step 1: Log into team account

Step 2: Find event in Event Registration History, click on link in the Roster column


Step 3: If an event roster has not been created, start by clicking Generate Roster


Step 4:  Add Club Pass as necessary using Add Club Pass tools
- Add Club Pass Player button allows for search to place a player in your roster pool
* Teams from GotSoccer state registration it will require players be properly registered
** For non-GotSoccer states, the player must exist in that clubs account.  The player may be added to that teams player list then added as Club Pass

- Players may be Activated from the Inactive Player Pool or Deactivated from the Roster as necessary using corresponding buttons

If the team is not in a GotSoccer state (Tennesee, North Carolina, South Carolina or Georgia), they can use the register new player button to get the player added to their team and then use club pass to add the player onto the Region III roster.

IF they are registered as players and not Club Pass currently:

You can release the primary player record from the roster then use Club Pass Player search to return the player to the roster as CP.

In the non-GotSoccer states, my recommendation would be that the team first check Club Pass Player search.  If they don’t find the player, they can create a player.  This will create an Add button on the Full Team player list if teams are still allowed to create rosters.  They don’t want to use this feature for Club Pass.  The player must always go on using the Club Pass search.  Unfortunately, the only way to lock this down more would be through these states uploading lists of registered players for participating clubs.